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The Shut-in
James Patterson, Duane Swierczynski
Read by Caitlin Greer & Kevin T Collins

Hachette Audio
03/07/2017/ ISBN 9781478970699
Suspense / Audiobook / BookShots series

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Patterson and Swierczynski (Revolver) bring readers/listeners another Bookshot mystery. The storyline is aimed at young adults and up. The main character is the twenty-five-year-old Tricia (Trish) Celano. She never leaves her apartment building because she’s allergic to the sun and fears the dark. Her only view of the outside is through a drone she dubbed Amelia. Amelia is live feed only and can be viewed through Tricia’s cellphone. The Shut-In opens with Tricia’s young voice sharing her story. She tells us where Amelia goes and gives us the lay of the land, so to speak. She talks about her neighbors, including the neighbor she has a crush on. One day, Tricia sees a woman murder a homeless man. She uses Amelia to spy on the murderer, which has the killer (Mrs. Archer) hunting down Amelia. The Shut-in quickly moves away from a depressing intro to an edge-of–the-seat ride as, Tricia, trapped in her fears, is forced to expand her horizons and overcome her anxieties to save herself, as well as others.

Narrators Caitlin Greer (Relentless Series / Hush Hush Saga) and Kevin T Collins (Lone Survivor, Beautiful Creatures) successfully bring Tricia and the villainous Mrs. Archer to life. Greer’s narration of Tricia makes her sound younger than twenty five, giving her that little girl lost characteristic. The narration of Mrs. Archer gave me chills.


Reviewed 2017