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Twelve Angry Librarians
Cat in the Stacks Mystery #8
Miranda James

February 21, 2017/ ISBN 978-0-425-27776-8
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


My favorite fictional cat, Diesel, is back along with his person, librarian Charlie Harris, in this latest A Cat in The Stacks Mystery. The Southern Academic Libraries Association their annual meeting at Athena College in Athena, Mississippi, where Charlie works.

Among the attendees is Gavin Fong, who will deliver the keynote address. Gavin is an unlikable individual, to say the least, and Charlie considers him his arch nemesis dating back to library school. Gavin hasn’t changed much in the ensuing 30 years, but when he is murdered during his speech, it’s a bitter pill to swallow because Charlie is the main suspect. You see, he had an altercation with Gavin the day before and actually hit the creep! Anyone who knows Charlie knows that he is a gentle and kind man, but things don’t look good for him, so he decides to hunt for clues and line up other suspects for the police.

Not only is Diesel my favorite fictional cat, Charlie is my favorite fictional librarian. In fact, Miranda James brings both characters to life so naturally that they seem quite real to me. I love everything about Charlie and Diesel and Athena, Mississippi. Charlie’s family and friends surround him perfectly, and the adventures found in this series are charming and delightful.

I happily spent a whole day savoring Twelve Angry Librarians, and one day will happily read it again, as I will find the time to embark on rereading the entire series.

Cover to cover, cozy readers will find themselves enchanted and fulfilled as they enter Charlie and Diesel’s world for yet another small town murder mystery. Raise your hand if you’ll read this with a cat or two by your side!

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Reviewers Note: Miranda James also writes the Southern Ladies Mysteries

Reviewed 2017