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Twelve Slays of Christmas
Christmas Tree Farm #1
Jacqueline Frost

Crooked Lane
October 10, 2017/ ISBN 978-1-68331-317-5
Mystery/Cozy / Holiday -Christmas season

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Holly White was all set to get married on Christmas Eve. Then her fiancé, Ben, canceled the wedding as he left her for a younger woman who he’d met at the gym. So Holly heads home to start over, home to her family’s Christmas tree farm in Mistletoe, Maine.

Holly doesn’t bring much with her, but she does have a newly adopted cat, Cindy Lou Who, providing her with both comfort and a healthy dose of feline sass. Christmas season is naturally the busiest time of year on the farm, and when local the local historical society president is murdered and left in a display at Reindeer Games (the farm name), Holly’s concerns shift quickly from her broken heart to finding the killer before anyone else gets hurt or the farm loses the whole season.

Sheriff Evan Gray is on the case, and everyone is a suspect. Little by little, he and Holly begin to form a friendship, although he’s beyond worried when Holly can’t stop nosing around and questioning people, resulting in threats to her life and to Reindeer Games. Yet Holly just can’t stop herself from digging for clues. Will their friendship continue to deepen, and perhaps even become a romance?

This was such a good read. I really enjoyed it. The setting is charming, and while I read it on a hot summer day, I could almost feel the snow and hear the sounds and smell the aromas of Mistletoe, Maine. The author did a wonderful job of establishing the characters and letting readers get to know just enough about them to keep one in suspense as to who just might be the guilty party.

I can’t wait for the next book in the series, and predict that this will be a cozy fan favorite for years to come! It would make a fantastic Christmas gift for your favorite mystery lover, but don’t forget to get a copy for yourself. Maybe even one to leave out with cookies and milk for Santa Claus himself!

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