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Walking on My Grave
Death on Demand #26
Carolyn Hart

May 2, 2017/ ISBN 9780451488534
Mystery/Amateur Sleuths

Reviewed by Katrina Wiese 


Annie Darling is back and finds herself in a sticky situation when good friend Ves Roundtree asks Annie for help after having an accident that she swears was anything but. As Ves tells it, someone is out to kill her so they can cash in on her fortune, an estate left to her from her brother that is to be divided among many of the islanders upon her death. After one of the accident induced suspects turns up dead and Ves goes missing, Annie and Max get in on the hunt to nail down exactly what is going on before it is too late!

This was my first introduction to Carolyn Hart and the Death on Demand mystery series, which has had a nice long run! Walking on My Grave is the 26th book in the series and I am sad to say, the final book in the series. I have to say the book was slow to start and it took me awhile to really get into the story, but I am glad that I held on because once I hit halfway there was no turning back and I was hooked right up until the end, which wrapped up the story, and apparently, the series nicely. I have to say this mystery is more of a traditional mystery than my favorite cozies, but I very much enjoyed this story and the twists and turns that it took. Carolyn Hart is a wonderful story teller and she paints a beautiful illustrated picture with her words. I know this series will be missed!

Reviewed 2017