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Where the Lost Girls Go
Laura Mori Mystery #1
R. J. Noonan

Crooked Lane
February 14, 2017/ ISBN 978-1-62953-773-3

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


R.J. Noonan had me from the first paragraph of the prologue. I was immediately riveted and glued to the pages as the mystery began to unfold before my eyes. Just like that, hook, line and sinker, I knew I wouldn’t be able to put this book down until I’d read the final page.

The story revolves around Officer Laura Mori’s investigation of a fatal car crash with an unidentifiable body and the circumstances leading up to this tragedy. The owner of the sports car, one Kent Jameson, is a celebrity author who is also a benefactor of the small Oregon town, Sunrise Lake As things unravel, it is learned that the body is a teen named Kyra, who had been on the streets of Portland as a runaway, and that more than six other runaways had also disappeared.

Officer Mori has her work cut out for her as the twists and turns take their toll on her investigation. Is she going to be able to dig up enough clues to unearth the ruthless killer before the fiend strikes again?

This is a fantastic mystery thriller, riddled with enough suspense to keep even the most seasoned reader on the edge of their seat. My heart was in my throat more often than not.

I see a best seller on the horizon here, and if handled by the right people it could become an enormously popular movie in the near future! I look forward to more from R. J. Noonan, and the sooner, the better! Thank you to Crooked Lane Books for getting this book into the hands of sophisticated readers everywhere!


Reviewed 2017