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Whispers of Warning
Change of Fortune #2
Jessica Estevao

September 19, 2017/ ISBN

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Ruby Proulx is finally feeling more secure and settled at her Aunt Honoria’s seaside hotel, the Belden, in Old Orchard, Maine. She earns her keep by giving psychic readings to the guests who stay at the hotel. The hotel offers several metaphysical professional services, but Lucy’s own, guided by an inner voice she hears and the use of Tarot cards, seems to be the most in demand.

A new guest has arrived, Sophronia Foster Eldrige, who is a spiritualist herself, and also an outspoken suffragist. Sophronia plans to get all of the women in town involved in her movement with a rally and a march, both of which are frowned upon by many of the men, especially those in power as town police and leaders. After the march is sabotaged, resulting in injuries to several people, Sophronia is found drowned, and Ruby is convinced she was murdered. Officer Warren Yancy, of the Old Orchard police force, is of like mind, but convincing his possibly corrupt boss to go along with an investigation seems unlikely. Will the killer get away with murder? Just how high up does the corruption go? And what of the secrets Miss Foster Eldrige was hiding from everyone around her?

I enjoyed reading more about Old Orchard and getting to follow Ruby and the others through another complicated case. Officer Yancy and Ruby are destined for romance, and the cast of characters continues to develop nicely. The author clearly did a great deal of research on the suffragette movement and the passions that were invoked on both sides of the issue.

As with the first book in the series, Whispers Beyond the Veil, I was captivated by the bygone era, and intrigued by the paranormal aspects of the story. Ruby is a fascinating young woman, and I look forward to watching her grow as the series continues. The mystery is well-plotted, and I recommend the book to readers who would like to take a step back from today’s troubled times and perhaps become aware that no matter when one is alive, there are always troubles to be borne and survived.

Highly entertaining, and written with a depth of historical background. You’ll want to add this to your list of books not to be missed in 2017!

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Reviewers Note: Author also writes the Sugar Grove Mysteries as Jessie Crockett

Reviewed 2017