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The Women's War
James Patterson, Shan Serafin
Read by Robin Miles

Hachette Audio
02/28/2017/ ISBN 9781478918813
Suspense / Bookshot Short Story / Audiobook – 3 hours and 37 minutes


Reviewed by  Brenda Weeaks


Two years ago: Marine Corp Colonel Amanda Collins is far away from Archer, Texas. She’s following a lead from a snitch called the Fat Man. Collins and her Platoon are in the sky, in Mexico, hunting drug lord Diego Correra in Mexico. She rolls out first with Lt Rita Ramieriz, the team leader, second, and Sgt Kira Holmes, the sniper, third. Once in Correra’s compound they find silence, a mass amount of blood, 23 dead police officers, and a girl with a chilling message.

Two years later: Collins is no longer a Marine. She still has some of her team, and she’s still in contact with Fat Man. Her hunt for Correra is personal. She wants him and his drugs obliterated from the earth, but his men and the DEA are getting in her way. Collins doesn’t let that stop her.

Patterson and Serafin keep personal descriptions to a minimum, with the exception of Collins’ character. The main characters are strong women. The dialogue is believable and the action is nonstop.
Robin Miles (The Broken Earth series, Hidden Figures) narrates the audio version. Miles has a gift for storytelling. Her narration heightens the suspense of the storyline. She successfully presents the warrior as well as the wife and mother in Collins character.

Reviewed 2017