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The Wrong Side of Goodbye
Harry Bosch #21
Michael Connelly
Read by Titus Welliver

Hachette Audio
11/01/2016/ ISBN 9781619694286
Suspense / Detective / Private Investigator / Audiobook – Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

“Lives could be in danger.” - The Wrong Side of Goodbye

Former LAPD Deputy Chief Creighton calls Bosch about a job. Creighton owns Trident Security. Bosch was forced to retire, so he sued the city and won. He’s financially sound but continues to work as a private investigator. He’s also a part-time reserve officer. Creighton offers Bosch a case with a client willing to pay $10,000 just to meet, even if he doesn’t take the case. Bosch’s curiosity gets the better of him, so he meets with the client. Whitney Vance wants Bosch to search for someone named Vibiana Duarte. Vance warns Bosch about the danger of searching for her. Vance gives Bosch a cover story to protect the woman he is actually hunting.

San Fernando Police Chief Valdez can be credited with making Harry Bosch a reserve officer. The SFPD Reserve Unit is overwhelmed with unsolved cases, thanks to a budget crisis. Valdez warns Bosch there is no paycheck and he can’t use his badge or department resources to further his private investigations. Bosch accepts the job for a badge and access to the crime database. Bosch’s current thorn-in-the side is Captain Trevino with the SFPD. Trevino notices Bosch works more than the 24 hours needed to be a reserve, and he wants to know why. The captain watches Bosch’s every move and goes through his files.

The unsolved case Bosch is working is still active. It’s a rape case called Screen Cutter. Bosch becomes obsessed with the case. Bosch works both cases simultaneously. He calls in favors and seeks out past resources. Bosch also takes risks with the reserve job when he uses department resources for the Vance case. Bosch finds himself emotionally caught up in the Vance case and reliving his own Vietnam tour. His goal is to provide a positive outcome for everyone involved. Bosch is also quite intent on finding the rapist in the Screen Cutter case. Bosch’s intensity for detecting has increase since he retired. Woe is he or she that gets in his way….

You may recognize the voice in the audio version; its actor Titus Welliver. Welliver plays Bosch in the Amazon Original Series. The audio narration keeps you in step with Bosch and his current cases. Welliver brings out the best and the worst in Bosch without missing a beat. Welliver also narrates audiobooks for Robert B Parker and John Connolly.

The Wrong Side of Goodbye is an exceptional mystery you don’t want to miss. Highly recommended.

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