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Wrong Side of the Paw
Bookmobile Cat #6
Laurie Cass

July 25, 2017/ ISBN 978-0-451-47656-2
Mystery /Cozy / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Minnie Hamilton, bookmobile librarian extraordinaire, and her feline companion, Eddie, a rescue cat, find themselves once again embroiled in a murder mystery. This time, Eddie discovers the corpse in the bed of a pickup truck at one of their stops. The major problem is, the driver of the truck is Minnie’s friend, attorney Leese Lacombe, and the victim is Leese’s father! You can see where this is going right? Leese is suspect number one, and Minnie sets out to prove her friend’s innocence, which may trigger the killer to target Minnie next if she comes too close to solving the crime!

A good cozy mystery will entrench the reader in the fabric of the small town life, while also providing enough clues, suspects and red herrings to keep the reader flipping the pages as chapter by chapter goes by. This book did exactly that for me. I didn’t know who the killer was, except when I was sure who the killer was, only to then rethink the whole thing and end up back to not knowing who the killer was!

As always, for me, if you have a mystery with a librarian and a cat, I’m hooked. Make it a bookmobile and I’m game to jump on board and go for the ride! Throw in some solid friendships, a romance or two, and I become ready for the author to be my new best friend!

Wrong Side of the Paw is a fantabulous read and I can’t recommend it highly enough to cozy mystery lovers. There is not a single thing I didn’t enjoy about this story. I love the fall feel of the cover, with the leaves and the cat pawing at them, as well.

If you haven’t read any of the prior books in this series, and there are five, you’ll want to scoop them all up. Reading them in order would make a better use of your free time than binge watching something on Netflix! That said, this is fine as a stand-alone read, and would be an awesome selection for your book club this fall! It is also age appropriate for teens on up, and it would be great to tuck into someone’s back to school bag or off to college suitcase for a surprise!

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