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Agatha Raisin and the Dead Ringer
Agatha Raisin – Book XXIX
BY M C Beaton

Constable (Little, Brown)
4 October 2018/ ISBN 9781472126962

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


The bell ringers of the Cotswold village of Thirk Magna are eagerly getting ready for the bishop’s visit. He is keen to meet the famous detective Agatha Raisin, and when she sees a photo of the handsome bishop, she is even keener to meet with him. But the occasion ends in murder and Agatha is soon on the case with her trusty team.

There are some funny (and gothic) moments in this story and fans of the series will be eager to see what the characters are up to, one of the joys of a long series. Agatha is still man mad and her own worst enemy, running into danger and requiring rescuing. However, it wasn’t hard to work out the villains of this piece, and if you are a whodunit fan who enjoys a good puzzle, you might be disappointed by this aspect of the story. Everything is in place, but a more teasing plot would have been a good thing in a book which is, after all, a detective novel. This series has perhaps reached the stage where it is read predominantly for the humor, and to catch up with the consistently entertaining and endearing characters. Not many series ever get to that stage, but this one reached it some time ago which is a considerable feat. Essential reading for anybody who loves this unique series, but not her strongest entry.

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