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Bad Neighbors
Agnes and Effie #2
Maia Chance

Crooked Lane
April 10, 2018/ ISBN 978-1-68331-541-4

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Agnes Blythe and her great aunt, Effie, are still in the process of restoring the historic Stagecoach Inn. They aren't quite ready for guests yet, but after a motor coach full of tourists breaks down, and a mechanic at Hatch Automotive is murdered, they have no choice but to welcome their first guests, who have come to Naneda, New York, for leaf-peeping season.

Agnes finds herself again on the hunt of a killer when her boyfriend, Otis Hatch, is the prime suspect in the murder. Naturally, Aunt Effie is in cahoots with Agnes, and as they rake through clues and suspects, they manage to juggle their senior citizen houseguests.

Once again, Maia Chance takes the reader on a riotous romp of unlikely situations, which somehow fall into place and make sense. This is such a great cozy mystery that I wouldn't want you to miss it! Why don't you order your copy today? If you haven't already read the first in the series, Bad Housekeeping, order that, too, so you can be in on the hijinks from the beginning!

Reviewers Note: The author also writes The Discreet Retrieval Agency Mysteries and The Fairy Tale Fatal Mysteries

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