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Batter Off Dead
Southern Cake Baker #2
BY Maymee Bell

Crooked Lane
December 11, 2018/ ISBN 978-1-68331-878-1

Reviewed by Laura Hinds 

Sophia Cummings runs her business, “For Goodness Cakes,” in the small town of her youth, Rumford, Kentucky. Her partner in the endeavor is Charlotte Harrington, her best friend. It’s a far cry from her time as a pastry chef in a ritzy restaurant in New York City.

Sophia has been hired to cater the desserts for the Heart of The Town Library charity fundraiser. This gig could make her new business become known and cement her role as the go-to baker for all big money events in town. Things are going well with one patron, Ray Peel, announcing he’ll pay off the library’s loan. But Ray is murdered before any financial transactions can take place, and Sophia may see her business go belly up if she isn’t paid for this job.

So, naturally, Sophia decides to do a little investigating for herself. After all, her friend Madison is on the suspect list, and it seems that there were many people who had ill-will towards Ray. Finding out who killed him is not going to be an easy task, especially because Sheriff Carter Kincaid wants her to stay out of it and not put herself in danger.

This was a fun read and hits all the right marks for a cozy mystery. If you have an affinity for southern mysteries, you won’t be able to resist this series. If you have an affinity for baking, you’ll love the recipes at the back of the book. Best to look at the recipes first and make sure you have the ingredients you’ll need to start baking and then you can put your feet up and read while your yummy treat bakes!

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Reviewers notes: Author writes several other mystery series under the name of Tanya Kappes

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