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Be Our Ghost
Merry Ghost Inn Mystery #3
BY Kate Kingsbury

Crooked Lane Books
October 9, 2018/ ISBN 978-1683317845
Cozy Mystery / Amateur Sleuths /Supernatural /Ghosts

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Melanie West helps her grandmother Liza Harris run the Bed and Breakfast Liza owns on the Oregon coast, the Merry Ghost Inn. Indeed, there is a resident ghost, who only laughs once in a while and leaves cryptic clues to help Melanie and Liza solve mysteries.

Jason Northwood is a real estate developer who plans to build an amusement arcade in the center of town – one that will put several people out of business. Shortly after the developer calls a meeting at his room at the local inn with the town’s council members who will cast a vote on his plans, Northwood is found stabbed in the heart in his hotel suite. All of the attendees at the meeting are suspect, but unfortunately Liza’s friend, Doug, is the prime suspect. Naturally, Liza and Melanie hope to prove him innocent. Their investigation into the case results in Melanie’s dog Max being briefly kidnapped, then someone tampers with their car brakes, resulting in their nearly flying off a cliff. It’s a near escape, yes, but proof that someone will stop at nothing – even murder – to prevent their further meddling in the case.

I savored the growing mystery and the challenge of interpreting the clues Orville leaves behind, but wish there was more information about Cindi, their assistant, and why Orville haunts the inn. The mystery was solid, but the wonderful relationship between Melanie and her spritely grandmother, Lisa, truly made the book a great read for me. A special treat was the growing relationship between Liza and Doug, as well as Officer Ben Carter’s attempts to romance Melanie.
Be Our Ghost is filled with a cast of wonderful, charming characters. It’s an enjoyable read with enough clues to keep you reading intently while curled up on the couch or relaxing on the beach.

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Reviewer's Note: Kate Kingsbury is also the author of the Pennyfoot and Manor House series, set in England.

Reviewed 2018