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Better Off Read
Bookmobile Mystery #1
Nora Page

Crooked Lane
May 8, 2018/ ISBN

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Cleo Watkins serves as the librarian in the small town of Catalpa Springs, Georgia. The library building was heavily damaged by a storm, and the mayor balks at spending the money to repair it. Meanwhile, Cleo still has the bookmobile, Words on Wheels, and finds herself in some hair-raising situations as she rolls around town trying to solve crimes. The poor old bookmobile is struggling to keep going and Cleo must find a way to have it repaired and restored before it falls apart.

When the eccentric curmudgeon Buford Krandall is murdered in his home library, suspicion falls on Cleo's best friend, Mary-Rose Garland, because of a neighborly dispute between Mary-Rose and Buford which has gotten out of hand. Cleo knows, or is fairly certain anyway, that her friend wouldn't kill anyone. Then, when her grandson becomes the prime suspect and is arrested, Cleo puts on her sleuthing cap and, along with library assistant Leanna, her gentleman friend Henry, and library cat Rhett Butler, she sets out to find the killer and save both her library and her bookmobile.

A charming mystery full of the manners and hospitality of the south, this story is chock full of interesting small-town characters and is steeped in tradition, and at the same time quirkiness. The mystery is well-plotted, and I never guessed who the guilty party was until Nora Page was ready to reveal the truth.

I'm always delighted to find a new series replete with libraries, a cat, a couple of dogs and a small town populated by a variety of personalities. This cozy is humorous and offers a sweet touch of romance between two seventy-somethings to boot! Included is a recipe for Hummingbird Cake which sounds delicious! I highly recommend that you don't miss this winner of a series debut!


Reviewed 2018