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Sister Fidelma – Book XXIX
BY Peter Tremayne

Severn House
1 October 2018/ ISBN 9780727888181

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Fidelma is under a geas, a solemn oath she has sworn and is unable to tell anybody about. Her husband and bodyguard Enda are not happy that she has not let them in on the secret, as they are on the mission as well despite knowing nothing about what they are doing. The first part of their journey involves a trip to see old Abbot Nessan who has a message for Fidelma, but a murder at the abbey means that their work is suddenly even more serious.

Twenty-nine books and the author is showing no sign of running out of steam with this impressive and consistently entertaining series. This entry is less of a murder mystery (although this is a part of it) than a thriller, with a political theme and plenty of adventure. The trio go chasing off across country into enemy territory on their top secret mission and encounter enemies old and new and some deadly situations. Expect the unexpected, and to say too much more would spoil the story. In a shorter series writing a dissimilar type of story might not be a good idea, but readers who have stuck with it are surely ready for something a bit different. We are now familiar with Fidelma’s world so setting a political thriller in it is a great idea; we have had many elements of this type of thing before. If you are unfamiliar with the series this is not a good place to start, but if you don’t start this one from the beginning you will miss out on a lot of things that make it so special. Recommended for all the right reasons.


Reviewed 2018