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Cake & Punishment
Southern Cake Baker #1
BY Maymee Bell

Crooked Lane
May 8, 2018/ ISBN 978-1-68331-571-1

Reviewed by Laura Hinds 

Sophia Cummings has returned to her home of Rumford, Kentucky. She’d been living and working in New York City with her fiance, Noah, until she discovered him in a compromising situation with another staff member at the restaurant where they both worked.

While visiting Rumford, Sophia is talked into baking an elaborate wedding cake for her friend Charlotte’s upcoming big wedding. Unfortunately, the chef at the Rumford Country Club is murdered in the kitchen where she plans to bake the cake, and there are plenty of suspects on Sheriff Carter’s list!

Sophia agrees to fill in at the country club until a new chef can be hired, but once a chef is found, she couldn’t be more upset about anything. You see, they’ve hired her no good ex-fiance, Noah!

As Sophia noses around to help the sheriff find the killer, she finds herself in physical danger, while developing romantic feelings for the sheriff, and considering whether to go back to Manhatten or to stay in town and open her own bakery.

With wit and southern charm, this somewhat light-hearted mystery proves itself to be an enjoyable read. Unmasking the culprit is no cakewalk, but the reader knows that somehow, someway, Sophia will prevail. The mystery kept me guessing, and I was delighted to find some authentic Southern recipes at the back of the story.

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Reviewer Note: The author writes several mystery series under the name Tanya Kappes

Reviewed 2018