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The Cats Came Back
Magical Cats #10
BY Sophie Kelly

September 4, 2018/ ISBN 978-0-399-58459-6

Reviewed by Laura Hinds 

Mayville Heights, Minnesota, has seen its share of murders in recent years. And it seems that librarian Kathleen Paulsen is always involved in solving them, whether she wants to be or not. Thankfully, she has two cats with magical gifts to help her and to keep her safe.

Mayville Heights is hosting a music festival that has brought in many tourists and musicians from out of town. Kathleen is among the many who are excitedly looking forward to performances. But Kathleen, her friend, Ruby, and the cats, Owen and Hercules, find the body of Miranda Moore, who was a close friend of one of the performers. The first question is: Was Miranda murdered intentionally or did someone mistake her for Emme Finley, the singer? They did look very much alike.

As always, when I get my paws on a new Magical Cats book, I sit down to read and hope that no one will disturb me until I've reached the very end. Simultaneously, I don't want the book to ever end. It's a conundrum.

The perfect balance of small-town relationships, interesting characters, and a historic library transport readers into the heart of the mystery. Owen and Hercules are my favorite fictional felines who use their abilities to help Kathleen unmask the killer.

Sofie Kelly's books are so smooth that it appears that she writes effortlessly, seamlessly and magically. But I know she works hard day in and day out to gift her readers with enchanting stories, and for that I am grateful.

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