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A Christmas Revelation
Christmas Novellas – Book XVI
BY Anne Perry

18 October 2018/ ISBN 9781472257369

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde 


Young Worm, the orphan who was “adopted” by the Portpool Lane Clinic has been entranced by a woman he sees on a London street. He thinks she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen with her radiant smile, but then she is grabbed by two villainous-looking men and taken away. Keen to rescue her, he enlists the unlikely help of Squeaky Robinson, the clinic’s rascally old treasurer.

Every Christmas, Ms Perry releases a novella dealing with a minor character from one of her two series and their seasonal adventures. This time it is Worm’s turn, who for all his streetwise appearance is still only nine years old and not yet disillusioned by life. This is contrasted with Squeaky, whose dark past is being erased by his current role as treasurer for the clinic. In this book and others we see him gradually warming to the idea that being on the side of the angels can be pleasant, and doing a good deed for no monetary reward can bring real joy. It is an upbeat message of redemption in an exciting, well-paced story about the woman and her villainous captors, an old robbery gone wrong and a race to get ready for Christmas. Neither Worm nor Squeaky are familiar with the festival, but Squeaky is determined to give the boy a proper one with all the trimmings. This is just the sort of enjoyable tale that puts you in the mood for the season, and yet another entertaining novel from the talented Ms Perry.

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