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Constable At The Double
The Constable Files
BY Nicholas Rhea

Ipso Books
22 March 2018/ ASIN: B07B4HCD72

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 

Anybody who was a fan of long running TV series Heartbeat will be familiar with this series. Formerly published by the sadly defunct Robert Hale, this is an omnibus edition containing Constable Around the Village and Constable Across The Moors. These are the third and fourth books in the series and deal with some of PC Rhea’s earlier experiences.

I have reviewed several of these books before and always enjoy them. They show a way of life so very different from that of today, a slower way when a policeman with a rural beat had many more duties than just keeping the peace. Rhea has run-ins with the odd criminal, but mostly these books are filled with anecdotes about life in North Yorkshire in the 1960s. As such they make fascinating reading as social history; the author describing customs like First Footing, amusing stories about various animals, farm life, rustling and even a hunt for a Russian spy. A young woman has trouble with a young man in an odd way, a man loses his late wife’s ashes and gets a surprise, one sheepdog pretends to be deaf while another gets accused of sheep worrying. All a world away from modern policing and as relaxing as a warm bath; it is easy to see why the TV series ran for eighteen seasons and why the books are being reprinted. Rhea has a good storyteller style and despite the fact that this book does not sound like a “page turner” it is. I hope Ipso Books reprints the whole series.

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Reviewed 2018