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Cassidy and Spenser # 5
Carey Baldwin

Witness Impulse
Jan 9, 2018/ ISBN 9780062495648

Reviewed by Elise Cooper

Countdown by Carey Baldwin is a story ripped from the headlines. Juggling two professions, psychologist, and pediatrician has helped her with formulating different storylines. This novel is a departure from her last one and is much more of a fun read.

The plot begins with what appears to be someone drowning on the beach of Tahiti. Forensic psychiatrist Caitlyn Cassidy and FBI Agent Atticus Spenser are enjoying some R and R while preparing for their upcoming wedding. Unfortunately, their best-laid plans go awry when they attempt to rescue the couple. They then become embroiled in a case that involves a con, dirty secrets and murder. After agreeing to help local law enforcement that seems to be overwhelmed, Cassidy and Spenser find that each clue of the investigation is nothing, as it seems. The story takes off with many twists and turns.

Although not a Christmas story, it is a light-hearted read with the emphasis on family. During the holiday times more often than not people gather around to spend quality time with their loved ones. This novel showcases both sides. The supporting character Rose has a large sense of duty towards family with a highly advanced sense of right and wrong. She is willing to make sacrifices to do right by her family.

Baldwin noted, “Rose’s driving force is an overdeveloped sense of conscience. All the motivations for the supporting characters are protecting someone in their family, including the police brothers. The twins were searching for the ideal family when in reality they had a dysfunctional one. Caity and Spenser had their moms and each other to contend with.”

This story is fun and adventurous with a happy ending for Caity and Spenser. Readers will enjoy reading a book filled with action that is not always gloomy.

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