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A Dark and Twisting Path
Writer's Apprentice Mystery #3
BY Julia Buckley

7/31/18 / ISBN 978-0425282625

Reviewed by Linda Morelli  

Lena London is working on a second collaboration with Camilla Graham, Lena’s favorite mystery suspense author. It’s been seven months since her arrival in Blue Lake, Indiana, and Lena is thrilled that Camilla included her name on the cover of their recent release. They hope that the peace and quiet they need to work will continue, but murder intrudes on their efforts, especially when Lena’s best friend, Allison, discovers the postman’s body.

Unfortunately, the letter opener used to kill the postman belonged to Sam West, Lena’s new boyfriend. Lena helped clear Sam of the murder of his wife, Victoria, after Lena found evidence that the woman was alive and married to a rich recluse.

Now Victoria’s baby has been kidnapped, and Victoria’s second husband is a prime suspect, but the man has a solid alibi. Now it’s certain that someone is trying to make Sam look guilty again. A surveillance video at Sam’s home reveals a break in, but the figure is unidentifiable. When Lena gets a threatening note on Sam’s letterhead, then an invasion occurs at Camilla’s home, it’s clear a killer is loose and one of them may be the next victim.

A Dark and Twisting Path stands on its own as an electrifying and fast-paced read, and one I couldn’t put down. However, I highly suggest you read the previous two releases to savor the solid plot, the growing emotional intensity and caring between the main characters, and the secondary characters who add additional charm and richness to an outstanding and thrilling mystery. I can’t wait for the next release in this thrilling series.

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Reviewer's Note: Julia Buckley is the author of the Undercover Dish Mysteries and the Writer's Apprentice Mysteries.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award-winning author of Fiery Surrender, Shadow of a Doubt, and Lani's Challenge.
Reviewed 2018