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Dark Side of the Moon
OPSIG Team Black #4
BY Alan Jacobson

Open Road Media
June 19, 2018/ ISBN 9781504050098
Technothriller/ Military/ Politics

Reviewed by  Elise Cooper

Dark Side of the Moon by Alan Jacobson is another “OPSIG Team Black” adventure. This story will literally take people to a new dimension. Readers will feel they are on a journey on F-18 fighter planes and a trip to the moon while combating espionage, the dark secrets of the moon, and kidnapping.

Jacobson commented, “After reading this article about Apollo 17 bringing back moon rocks I had an idea that maybe they could be used for military purposes. Since I do not write science fiction I needed to do a lot of research and worked with some awesome people. I talked with an engineer who worked on the Space Shuttle and is currently working on a NASA project. The different organizations that cooperated were NASA, JPL, Lockheed, and SPACEX. People helped me to work out the logistics of how the mission should be carried out. Even though it was quite an endeavor, given the opportunity I would do it again. Mainly, because I have been fascinated with space, growing up with Star Trek and the Apollo missions.”

Readers find out that after returning to the earth in 1972 Apollo 17 brought back some classified items. Discovering its importance, a NASA engineer leaks the information to foreign governments. Now there is a race to the moon to find an element called Caesarium. If found it can be used to produce a weapon with an ultimate magnitude of destruction, that has important military applications. In order to stop China and Russia Hector DeSantos and Aaron Uziel (Uzi) join with two astronauts on a mission called Operation Containment. They must prevent Caesarium from being brought back.

Meanwhile back on earth, Karen Vail and company have determined that the mission has been sabotaged and they must find out the mole who did it Karen Vail and her colleague Alexandra Rusakov will have to find the mole and destroy the spy ring that planted malware on the ships that are now headed for the Moon. To complicate matters Hector’s father is kidnapped and will be used as leverage.

The author likes to venture out and write new stories. His last book, Darkness of Evil, and his next book will delve into serial killers. “As a writer, I want to keep fresh and different. I want to challenge my characters and myself to acclimate to new environments. Karen Vail has been to Paris, England, and Spain maneuvering through the different cultures, places, laws, and law enforcement. I think this current book about moon elements is extremely relevant. Space can help with our military readiness that includes determining logistics. We need to maintain our superiority in space and should applaud our President’s efforts to reinvigorate our space program. We need a moon base to collect natural resources and use it as a spring board to get to another planet.”

Space is coming to the forefront once again. This believable story shows the importance of America keeping its space superiority. It also highlights how Karen Vail must maneuver through lies, betrayals, and disloyalties to find the culprits.

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