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Death in Paris
Death in Paris Series#1
BY Emilia Bernhard

Crooked Lane Books
October 9, 2018/ ISBN 978-1683317685
Mystery / Cozy / Amateur Sleuths

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

American Rachel Levis, now an expat living in Paris, learns that her past boyfriend, French financier Edgar Bowen, has drowned in a bowl of vichyssoise. An unusual death, certainly, and Rachel is later suspicious when she learns there was a glass of rosé wine on his table. Edgar hated rosé and Rachel is certain that he was not alone when he died. Determined to discover if his death was natural, or motivated by his wealth, she enlists her good friend Magda, with whom Rachel has solved many fictional mysteries in the past.

When Rachel is requested to attend the reading of Edgar’s will, she learns she is to catalog Edgar’s extensive and rare library. Also attending the reading are Edgar’s son David, who naturally inherits his father’s money and home, an ex-wife, Edgar’s new girlfriend and his young assistant. While working in the library, Rachel has the perfect opportunity to find clues to Edgar’s death as she speaks to Fulke, Edgar’s butler, and runs into the other characters. She shares these clues with Magda as they discuss the possible suspects. Soon they realize that fictional murders are not quite as dangerous as a real one, especially when their suspects begin to die one by one. Could Rachel and Magda be next?

I thoroughly enjoyed the slowly unraveling mystery behind Edgar Bowen’s death, and the deep friendship between Rachel and Magda, becoming involved bit by bit as they grow convinced that Edgar was indeed murdered. Rachel’s husband, though not that prevalent in the story, is a charmer who sticks to his guns, yet helps Rachel and Magda when and where he can. The book spends much time with Rachel and Magda discussing the various clues and, in so doing, drew me in and kept me hooked. A great first release by an outstanding and talented new author.
Reviewed 2018