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The Devil’s Wind
Spider John Mysteries – Book II
BY Steven Goble

Seventh Street Books
11 September 2018/ ISBN 1633884848
Mystery / Historical / Violence

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


1723: Spider John is tired of the pirate life and at last has a job on board an ordinary merchant vessel and is bound for home. At last he will see his beloved Em and young son – or will he? Everybody liked Captain Brentwood, but when he is found shot dead in a locked cabin, his daughter implores John to discover whodunit. He was depressed after the recent death of his wife, but did he really commit suicide?

There ought to be more pirate whodunits, especially those with Dickson Carr style locked room murders! This salty tale includes everything you associate with a pirate yarn, including thrilling fights, enigmatic crew members, exotic Caribbean islands, rum and a beautiful, mysterious woman. Spider John makes a good protagonist, as although he is a good man to have with you in a fight, he is not cruel, and dreams about going home to his family. His friends Odin and Hob are good foils to this and likeable in their own ways, while there are plenty of hissable villains and, of course, those whose true nature is harder to discern. There is always something going on from the initial hanging in Port Royal to the murder, tortuous investigation and thrilling denouement. This series is sure to appeal to anybody who likes an exciting historical mystery, whether or not they enjoy sea stories. I’m already looking forward to reading book three – highly recommended

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