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The Escape Artist
BY Brad Meltzer
Read by Scott Brick, January LaVoy

Grand Central Publishing
March 6, 2018/ ISBN 978-1478929888
Thriller / Medical / Private Investigators /Audiobook -Unabridged/ Audiobook -

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Brad Meltzer brings readers/listeners a mesmerizing storyline of murder, military, and magic.

The Escape Artist begins with a plane crash in Alaska. Narrator January Lavoy delivers an intense scene in the plane's cabin as it's going down. One passenger is determined to survive the crash, but if she can’t she’ll make sure a message gets out.

Scott Brick takes over the narration as Jim "Zig" Zigarowski arrives at the military mortuary on Dover Air Force Base. Zig notices twenty-six year old Nola Brown on the Mortuary list. Zig met her once when she saved his daughter’s life. Zig makes some discoveries during the autopsy. He calls his commander for assistance then decides to resolve the autopsy inconsistencies himself. Zig feels obligated to find out what really happened to SGT 1st Class Nola Brown.

Zig discovers Nola was an artist-in-residence for the Army. Nola experiences a unique gift when she paints live military scenes. Nola’s commander admires her talent, but he doesn’t seem to like her and he’s not the only one. If Nola is still alive he wants to know because the military wants her back and it’s more for her crimes than her paintings.

Meltzer moves back and forth between Nola’s childhood and her military service. It may seem slow at times but readers/listeners will see the bits and pieces fall into place as the storyline comes together. Meltzer is an expert at delivering clues, historical details and dirty deeds as he brings everything full circle.

The Escape Artist is a fascinating listen.

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