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The Family Lawyer
James Patterson
Read by Jamie Renell

Grand Central Publishing
September 5, 2017/ ISBN 1478989696
Mystery / 3 Short Stories / Audiobook- Unabridged

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Patterson brings readers/listeners three short stories. Each is co-written with a different author. The audio version is narrated by three different readers, as well. The audio version, as a whole, is well done. The narrations amp up the suspense and enhance each character’s personal drama.

Family Lawyer with Robert Rotstein is about a family in trouble. The lead character Matt Hovane is an attorney. His current case has him defending his teenage daughter. Halley is accused of bullying a girl into suicide. Matt’s son is a trouble maker and brings his own drama to the table. His wife wants him to win the case no matter what. We witness a father fighting to save his daughter and better understand his son. The mystery is well written, and takes all the twists and turns needed to keep you in suspense. The audio narration is spot on. It brings out the best and worse in each character.

I consider Night Sniper with Christopher Charles the best of the three stories. The storyline begins with homicide detective Cheryl Mabern recovering from an injury and drug abuse. Her ex-partner, Randy, wants her back to work, pronto. He has a serial killer and she’s a gifted profiler and negotiator. This one will keep you on your toes. Narrator, Courtney Patterson, delivers character revelations and actions scenes perfectly.

The Good Sister with Rachel Howzell Hall is about two sisters and a dead husband named Kirk. Dani Lawrence is the main character. Dani’s sister, Melissa, confesses her guilt to Dani, but detectives are accusing Dani of murder. This one took me by surprise. Janina Edwards gives a dramatic narration of survival.

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