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The Fast and the Furriest
Second Chance Cat #5
Sofie Ryan

February 6, 2018/ ISBN 978-1-101-99122-0

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds

Sarah Grayson and her hilarious and smart cat, Elvis, are back with another mystery. The elderly P I group dubbed “Charlottes Angels” have another case to solve, and this time it involves Mac, the man who helps Sophie to run her shop, Second Chance. Mac helps with refurbishing furniture and does the heavy lifting, as well as being a close friend to Sophie and the others.

It seems that Mac is married, but his wife, Leila, has been in a coma, and Mac was suspected of trying to kill her. When his wife's friend, Erin Fellowes, comes to North Harbor, Maine, looking for Mac, she is promptly murdered before she sees him, yet Mac becomes the prime suspect. Naturally, Sarah and the Angels make it their mission to prove their dear friend's innocence.

While I was quickly able to figure out who the killer was, I wasn't able to attribute a motive to the person, so it was an interesting challenge to try to discover clues throughout the story. It was nice to add some depth to Mac's background and to learn what makes him tick.

As with the previous books, Elvis is one of my favorite characters, and his antics provide many smiles to the reader. The Angels are proof positive that getting older doesn't mean you can't still fight the bad guys and solve mysteries.

This is another charming book in a delightful series, and, as always, after the last page is turned I'm hungry for the next book to be written. Four paws up!

Reviewers Note: The author also writes The Magical Cat Mysteries as Sofie Kelly.

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