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Fifty Fifty
Harriet Blue #2
James Patterson & Candice Fox
Read by Federay Holmes

Hachette Audio
February 19, 2018 / ISBN 147899522X
Suspense / Police / Australia / Audiobook - Unabridged / 9 hours / Violence & Profanity

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks 

Australian Sex Crime Detective Harriet Blue is back. Harriet (Harry) first debuted in Black and Blue, a BookShot short story. Fifty, Fifty is third in series, but it’s the second full novel. The second in series is Never Never, and it’s also a full novel.

The storyline begins with the chilling narration of a kidnapper as he abducts a college girl. Then we’re reminded that Harriet is still working to free her brother, Sam Blue (Black & Blue). She knows he’s not a killer. Harriet’s Chief (Pops, as she calls him) sends her to New South Wales Desert during Sam’s trial. Harriet meets up with Officer Vicky Snail. Vicky explains Harriet’s assignment at Last Chance Valley. Someone’s trying to kill everyone in their tiny town. Harriett and Victoria work the case together. Then Special Agent Elliot Kash shows up and brushes them and their work aside. He’s sure it’s terrorism and wants the case, but without evidence Harriett shuts him down. It’s a mutual disrespect and muscle flexing with those two. Harriet grew up a street fighter. Her chief taught her how to box, but that doesn’t stop her from fighting dirty. She hates criminals, and sometimes other cops. Agent Kash is proof of that. Her partner Detective Edward Whittacker (Whitt) believes Harriett is a good person, “even if that goodness was buried deep under plenty of bad behavior…” Whitt has Harriet’s back concerning Sam and his case. Whitt partners with Tox while Harriet is gone. Tox is abrasive and unpredictable. Whitt fears someone may not survive Tox’s bad choices. We find Whitt and Harriet’s storylines move in various directions as clues are pursued, evidence emerges and the truth sets in.

Patterson and Fox make a great team. The storyline delivers and the characters demand reaction. Harriett is a skilled detective and rough character. Kash is as irritating as a rash. Whitt is the good guy and a loyal partner, whereas Tox may be redeemable, but still needs a swift kick.

In the audio version, Federay Holmes narrates all three titles. Her narration is the frosting on the cake when it comes to the suspense. The foreboding in her voice just before a twist or turn had literally held me in place. Her narration of Harriet isn’t as severe as written. She gives Harriet a matter-of-fact tone and sometimes there’s a bit of an edge that leaves no doubt she can physically back up her words - like when she and Kash clash. Federay delivers each character with precision. All in all, a great listen.

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