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Fugitive From The Grave
Bow Street Rivals – Book IV
BY Edward Marston

Allison and Busby
21 June 2018 / ISBN 9780749022907
Mystery / Historical

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


1817: Clemency van Emden has returned to London after a mysterious letter informs her that her father has died. George Parry did not want his daughter to marry a Dutchman and move to Holland, so she has not heard from him for years. When she encounters Jem Huckvale by chance, she engages the services of Peter Skillen to discover where her father is buried, but things soon take a turn for the weird. Meanwhile both Paul and the Bow Street Runners have plenty to keep them busy…

This is another lively tale from talented and prolific writer Mr Marston. This author knows how to tell a good story with likeable characters that suck the reader in and won’t let go. As with all his books you can expect plenty of adventure, an interesting plot (or three) and a sense of humor. The antics of the bungling Runners are invariably amusing, and as usual Hannah Granville gets to add more drama offstage than on it. Paul gets to pursue some slightly unusual highwaymen, while Peter and the Runners are on the lookout for both successful burglar Harry Scattergood and some body snatchers. One thing missing from this and the others in the series is any definite feeling that we are in the Regency. There is a feel of both Hogarth and Dickens and frankly these books could be set any time between about 1750 and 1850. Major events of the period pass the characters by, but like me, you will probably be too busy enjoying the exuberance and twisty plots to care too much.

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