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The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller
Haunted Bookshop #6
BY Cleo Coyle

September 25, 2018/ ISBN 978-0-425-23745-8

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

“Bookshop owner Penelope Thornton-McClure did not believe in ghosts until she was haunted by the hard-boiled spirit of 1940s private investigator Jack Shepard. Now Jack is back on the job, and Pen is eternally grateful...”

When I first picked up this new book, I vaguely remembered the series and thought that it must have been quite some time since I'd read one, and that I seem to have missed several books. Then I read the Acknowledgements page and discovered that the series had been on hiatus for the better part of a decade! I had not missed a single book. I wasn't sure what to make of that and I didn't recall if I'd enjoyed the series or not.

Then, I read the Prologue. I was hooked. There went everything else on my to-do list for the day. The phraseology was perfect for the 1947 setting, and there was a definitive noir feeling about it. In Chapter One, we are brought to the present time and the intrigue begins.

Folks in Quindicott, Rhode Island, are dying to read the newest bestseller, and as bodies actually do start to turn up, Pen and her ghost-detective, Jack, team up to solve a cold case and ensure that Pen keeps on breathing. And selling books.

So, by now you may realize that I fell in love with this book, written by a real-life husband and wife under the pseudonym Cleo Coyle. A bit of research told me that readers have been waiting and clamoring for this book for years. I expect that there are multitudes of happy readers, and I am indeed one of them.

I highly, very highly, recommend this book. I'm going to go back and read the entire series in order, but you don't need to. It's fine as a stand-alone. When you've got a bookseller, a small town bookshop, murders, and a ghost of a 1940's private detective, it's the perfect recipe for a cozy mystery that's ripe for the reading.

I will now scurry off to my bookcases to find every book I own by Cleo Coyle, because I believe an addiction has just taken root in me! Oh - and I love the contents pages and chapter titles! That is the kind of detail you don't often find in mystery novels these days.

Bravo, Cleo Coyle, and kudos to editor Michelle Vega and Berkley Prime Crime for a job well done!

Reviewer’s Note: Author also writes the Coffeehouse Mysteries

Reviewed 2018