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Michael Bennett #10
BY James Patterson, James O. Born
Read by Danny Mastrogiorgio

Hachette Audio
September 18, 2017/ ISBN 978-1478975809
Detective / Suspense / Spies & Politics / Terrorism / Audiobook - Unabridged

Reviewed by  Brenda Weeaks

Patterson teams up with James O. Born for another Michael Bennett mystery. Born has co-authored previous Michael Bennett Bookshot, Manhunt, as well as one of my favorite Bookshot series, Mitchum (Hidden and Malicious). Born also has his own mystery series, Billy Tasker.

Haunted pickups where Bullseye left off. Detective Bennett visits his son Brian at Riker’s Island. Brian is being charged as an adult, which means he could serve up to ten years. Even worse he refuses to give up his supplier. The Bennett Clan isn’t taking it well. Shamus is heartbroken and it affects his health. Bennett is ready to hunt down the supplier, but he’s never worked in Narcotics andit’s not the same as homicide. He’s going to need some help. While Michael’s father Shamus seeks guidance from the higher power, Michael seeks out a coworker and a homeless girl. Meanwhile, the court’s verdict for Brian is guilty.

The action may be in New York, but the suspense is in Bangor. The storyline starts out slow but the intensity grows once the family arrives in Maine for a much-needed vacation. Quiet walks in the woods and a fishing competition breaths life back in the Bennett clan. Michael’s vacation is cut short when the locals ask for his help concerning drug addiction and escalated violence. Bangor Maine isn’t as quaint as it used to be… Haunted is directed at the woods and the activity therein. In the end, it's absolutely brilliant how the authors bring the threads together.

Narrator Danny Mastrogiorgio pulls out all the stops on this one. He’s has narrated three other titles in the series – Gone, Burn, and Alert. Danny Mastrogiorgio gives us a suspense-filled narration.

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