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The Haunting of Torre Abbey
The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
BY Carole Buggé

Titan Books
23 January 2018/ ISBN 9781785655821

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


When Sherlock Holmes receives an urgent request for help from Lord Cary, he and Watson waste no time in hurrying down to Devon on the next train. They find themselves guests at ancient Torre Abbey, where Lord Cary and his family are being haunted by a selection of ghosts. Although nobody has been harmed, they are all clearly terrified that they are being targeted by somebody or something that wishes them harm. Soon things take a deadly turn…

The game is afoot in this atmospheric tale, as the October mists swirl around the spooky old abbey and surrounding moors. Told by Watson, the momentum gradually builds as the appearances start getting more physical and people start to die. The author brings the tale to life with her tangible descriptions, which are only marred by various Americanisms. I live in Devon and you won’t hear the calls of katydids, whippoorwills or mourning doves; nor will you anywhere else in the UK! These and other mistakes pull the reader out of the story, which is a pity as it is a good one, although not difficult to guess. Personally I most enjoyed the wonderful descriptions of the various places the characters visit, from the ancient, chilly halls of the abbey to a hunt on a misty, damp October morning. Add in a séance, old barn with a dark history, rainy walk on Dartmoor and trip to the theater and you have a story with plenty to enjoy. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Reviewed 2018