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The Hidden Bones
Hills & Barbrook - Book I
BY Nicola Ford

Allison and Busby
21 June 2018/ ISBN 9780749023621

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Clare Hills trained as an archaeologist, but got married before she could put her skills to use. Now her husband is dead, and her former tutor David has invited her to join him to look through the effects of recently deceased and legendary archaeologist Gerald Hart. Back in the early 1970s, Hart led a dig on the Hungerbourne Barrows, a site where prehistoric gold had been found. The first thing Clare does is unearth a valuable document that everybody thought had been destroyed; now the dig that Hart had mysteriously halted can be resumed. But there must have been a reason for stopping the dig…

If you enjoy mysteries with an archaeological theme as made popular by writers like Kate Ellis and Elly Griffiths, this is another one, and possibly the start of a new series. The author is herself an archaeologist and this debut is set in Wiltshire, where she works on the World Heritage sites of Stonehenge and Avebury. Clare has never worked as an archaeologist but has to cope not only with her first real dig but, trying to find out who might be trying to kill her and sabotage the work. It is not a difficult case to guess, and despite not being a very long novel, it still seemed rather slow. Clare has a rather tepid attraction to one of the characters, has to sort through some personal problems and displays a tendency to rush foolishly into dangerous situations. She gets rescued rather a lot, and the book does get fairly exciting in the final chapters as there is a rush to unmask the killer. Overall it reads like a first novel and I can imagine that, if is the first in a series, we will learn more about the characters and enjoy more convoluted plots. A relaxing read for the beach.


Reviewed 2018