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If The Coffin Fits
A Funeral Parlor Mystery #2
BY Lillian Bell

Crooked Lane
September 11, 2018/ ISBN

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Growing up in a family who runs a funeral parlor puts death in perspective for Desiree Turner. Although she’d left home and the business behind to embark on what would be a successful career in journalism, one bad move involving a hot microphone made her turn around and go back to her roots. She’s found her hometown of Verbena, California isn’t as quiet and dull as she remembered, and there are secrets under every rock.

Desiree is now a funeral director, but she’s also been involved in a recent murder case in which she was pivotal to solving the crime. Now she looks at death with an eye for any unusual or suspicious circumstances and lo and behold she finds some. Things take a quick downturn when questioning a client, and the rumor mill starts to churn with the talk around town that Desiree is accusing clients of murder.

This spurs Desiree to prove that Violet Daugherty was killed, that her fatal car crash was not an accident. She’s got to set things right before the family business goes six feet under!

Author Lillian Bell has another hit with this book! The plot is paced perfectly, the characters’ interactions can be grave on one page, and humorous on another. There are layers of sub-plots to keep things interesting and just the right amount of detailed scene-setting to bring readers fully into the atmosphere.

There is a new dog in this book and animal lovers will fall for Orion right away. A nice touch and a sweet character!

I am so pleased that Crooked Lane Books published the first two books in this series in the same year. Often times if there is a year or more between books enthusiasm can wane.

Kudos to Lillian Bell for her great writing skills and to Crooked Lane Books for having the insight to fully engage readers!

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