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The Improbable Prisoner
The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
BY Stuart Douglas

Titan Books
3 July 2018/ ISBN 9781785656293
Mystery Historical

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Dr Watson is in Holloway Prison! He is arrested after being approached one evening by a young girl, only to end up in a room with a murdered woman and accused of the crime. Inspector Potter is keen to prove himself with a high profile case and grimly determined to find Watson guilty. The dead woman was well connected and her nephew is even keener to see her killer hang, so it is up to Holmes and Lestrade to uncover the truth before it is too late…

Conan Doyle certainly never thought of this! I applaud anybody who can take the characters and come up with something fresh and new, and this is certainly all of that. The author gets Watson’s narrator style pretty close and there is a nightmarish and chilling feel to the tale. To us and his friends Watson seems the last person to commit murder, yet anybody who has brought criminals to justice will have enemies, and the story shows how easy it is for anybody to fall from favor. This is a well paced tale of corruption, street gangs, old scores and a race against the clock to prove Watson not guilty that had me turning the pages rapidly to see the outcome. Exciting and inventive, this is a good example of what can be done by putting a different spin on the familiar.


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Reviewed 2018