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Just Plain Murder
Amish Mystery #6
BY Laura Bradford

November 27, 2018/ ISBN 978-0-440-00040-2

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Claire Weatherly and her police detective suitor Jakob Fisher are spending more time together in their small town of Heavenly, Pennsylvania. With a lot of effort and patience, the two are starting to make some headway with the Amish members of Jakob’s family. The family had shunned him when he went out into the world and became a law enforcement official.

Jakob’s mentor Russ Granger, who is a retired police chief, comes back to Heavenly and it doesn’t take long before he is brutally murdered. A grief-stricken Jakob believes the killer must be from outside of the Amish community. As Jakob vows to find the fiend and bring them justice, and with Claire by his side, they learn that even the most heavenly of a town harbors dark and unexpected secrets.

It was a long time between the last book and this one and it was so good to return to Claire’s world and to the pace and lifestyle that are uniquely Amish. I’ve long been a fan of Laura Bradford and highly recommend this latest entry in the Amish Mystery series. It is fine as a stand-alone but even better if you read the whole series. I truly enjoyed everything about this book and the most welcome return of the series.

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Reviewers Notes: The author also writes the Emergency Dessert Squad Mysteries and writing as Elizabeth Lynn Casey the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries

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