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Last Girl Gone
Laura Chambers Mystery #1
BY J. G. Hetherton

Crooked Lane
June 12, 2018/ ISBN 978-1-68331-617-6

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

After being fired from her job at the Boston Globe, investigative reporter Laura Chambers has moved back to her hometown of Hillsborough, North Carolina. Nothing much ever happens in the small town, but a job is a job and she's accepted it. Then things change quickly when a young girl is murdered and posed for authorities to find.

Laura comes to realize that this murder echoes the killings of some young girls in the late 1980's. Has the serial killer returned? Or could this be a bizarre copycat crime? Using her investigative skills and working alongside local law enforcement as well as an FBI agent, Laura keeps digging for the truth, only to find herself in the crosshairs of the killer who is keeping track of her every move. Will she find the murderer or will the murderer take her out to avoid discovery?

An interesting book, indeed. It proved to be difficult to put it down while at the same time being difficult to read much at a time. The psychological drama played out chapter after chapter, and I confess to finding myself feeling afraid more than once. But I had to find out what happened so I persisted.

If you enjoy a strong psychological thriller, you won't want to miss this first novel by author J.G. Hetherton. It may scare you silly, but it's riveting and the story will stay with you for a long time to come. A compelling and well-written mystery, this could very well be the one book to take to the beach this summer.

Reviewed 2018