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Little Sister
BY Isabel Ashdown

June 26, 2018/ ISBN
Mystery/Psychological Thriller / Adult Themes/Language

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Familial trust and deception are two sides of the same coin. Jess and Emily are sisters, born a little over a year apart. They were close as children and trusted each other implicitly. Or so it seemed.

After an estrangement of many years, the women are reunited at their mother’s funeral. Jess moves in with Emily and her husband James, step-daughter Chloe and a toddler named Daisy. Things are going well until New Year’s Eve.

An intruder kidnaps Daisy while Jess is babysitting and Jess can’t remember a thing about what happened. As authorities frantically search for the missing child, secrets begin to unfold. Dark secrets. It looks like everyone has at least one.

I was kept off balance as to who I should like and root for and who was the bad seed. I couldn’t stop reading until I’d turned the very last page and read the last word.

As backstories are revealed, they fit into the present-day scenario perfectly. The author has assembled a puzzle of words, people, places and time, and just when I thought I had something figured out there was a twist that blew my theories out of the water. That is a marker of a great book!

This is a fascinating and complex read that should be on the top of any mystery/psychological thriller fans summer reading list. I am indeed pleased that I came upon this author and this book and will look forward to hearing more from Isabel Ashdown.

Reviewed 2018