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A Magical Match
Witchcraft Mystery #9
Juliet Blackwell

April 3, 2018/ ISBN 978-0-399-58418-3

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Lily Ivory is a witch and a vintage clothing shop owner, making for an interesting and unusual lifestyle. She is a transplant to San Francisco where, after all, many of the residents have unusual lives. Most of them don't get involved with having to solve murders though, and murder mysteries keep coming Lily's way.

Lily and her friends are planning a benefit for the local women's shelter. They will host a brunch with guests who pair off and wear matching outfits. While involved with the necessary planning and coordination for the brunch, Lily must also find the perfect vintage wedding dress for her wedding to her beloved Sailor. Lily's shop, Aunt Cora's Closet, has plenty of outfits for the benefit and a fair share of wedding dresses, but none of the wedding gowns feel right, so the search continues.

A man from Lily's past shows up and insists that she return something she stole from him years ago. Unfortunately, Lily has no idea what he is talking about, and because he has threatened her, Sailor asserts himself to defend her. When the man is found murdered in his hotel room, the evidence points to Sailor who is then arrested. Lily is certain her Sailor is innocent, but there is a video of him leaving the hotel with blood evidence on his person. Does Sailor have a doppelganger?

Lily is not without her share of enemies in the magical world, but figuring out who is framing Sailor and why is harder than she thought. To top it off, her grandmother's coven is driving to the city and stopping off at unexpected places. Lily's long-estranged mother is with them and she's not looking forward to that reunion.

As always, Juliet Blackwell weaves a mysterious and magical tale casting a spell on readers, rendering them unwilling to put the book down. Yet when you've finished it, you find yourself wishing for more. Blackwell's knows her craft and puts magic into her stories.

This is fine as a stand-alone read, but I recommend you read each and every book in the series to learn more about the characters and their evolving relationships while following the clues to lead to the murderers.

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Reviewed 2018