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The Mechanical Devil
Wesley Peterson Murder Mysteries – Book XXII
Kate Ellis

Piatkus (Little, Brown)
UK: 1 February 2018 - US: 3 April 2018/ ISBN 9780349413136
Mystery / Contemporary

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 

The teenage daughter of local MP Jeremy Ovorard has gone missing, but no sooner has Wesley started investigating when there is a double shooting in a small Dartmoor village. The two victims don’t appear to have anything to do with each other and sound ordinary enough, but it is not the first time this field has been the scene of a mysterious death. A student was found dead there back in 1995, and the bizarre 16th century automaton he was researching has just been unearthed by Wesley’s archaeologist friend, Neil…

I look forward to the annual appearance of another entry in this long-running and highly enjoyable series. These books are police procedurals mixed with mysteries from the past, packed with red herrings, plot twists and likeable characters. There is nothing else quite like them. They manage to convey a sense of menace without resorting to the supernatural, and like all good series, part of the enjoyment is seeing what the characters have been up to.

Wesley has to juggle the various cases while fielding the problems of a woman from an earlier case, and working out who is menacing his family with phone calls and threats. The plot strands start disparate, but slowly begin to mesh together. The pace quickens as the detectives race to discover whodunit and avoid further victims. I continue to applaud the author’s accurate portrayal of contemporary Devon with its unique delights and problems, and never fail to be impressed just how much content there is in one of these novels. Twenty-two books and still going strong, this is one of my own favorite mystery series and highly recommended.

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