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The Mitford Murders
Mitford Mystery #1
Jessica Fellowes
Read by Rachel Atkins

Macmillan Audio
January 23, 2018/ ASIN: B076QF2LL4
Mystery - Historical / England / Audiobook - 11 hours and 45 minutes

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Jessica Fellowes brings readers a history mystery set in the 1920s, post-war era. It’s a new decade and most are ready to move past the sadness and the grief. Florence, like many, did her part in the war. She’s catching a train to St Leonard’s by the sea but something happens and Florence doesn’t make it to St Leonard. Main character and heroine, Louisa Cannon, is eighteen. She realizes life isn’t the same and it’s time for her to move on, too. She decides to be a nanny for the Mitford sisters in Oxfordshire. Louisa eventually becomes a trusted employee with the family. Louisa and sixteen-year-old Nancy Mitford become confidants. Together they’re caught up in the murder of Florence Shore. They are soon joined by a policeman who eventually becomes Louisa’s love interest. Between the nanny assignment and the young policeman, it looks like Louisa has found a new home.

The Mitford Murders is a brilliant whodunit weaved into a Downtown Abby atmosphere. The mystery is as good as it gets with a strong storyline and full-bodied characters. Listeners can’t help but get caught up in the story and want the best for the characters.

British actress Rachel Atkins does a splendid job of narrating the audiobook. Atkins also narrates nonfiction titles, children’s books and video game characters. Her narration of The Mitford Murders draws listeners in and keeps them on track. It’s a remarkable journey to England’s 1920 era and Louisa’s life.

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