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Murder at the Fitzwilliam
The Museum Mysteries – Book I
BY Jim Eldridge

Allison and Busby
23 August 2018 - Available from 19 November in US/ ISBN 9780749023669

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Daniel Wilson now works as a private investigator, but he is better known as one of Abberline’s team who tackled the Jack the Ripper case. Six years later he is called to Cambridge to investigate a murder at the Fitzwilliam museum by its director. A mysterious body has been found in an Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, part of a new exhibition. Daniel soon finds that he has an ally in archaeologist Abigail Fenton but local Inspector Drabble is less keen to have an “amateur” on his patch. Then the papers start talking about a murderous mummy being the culprit, and soon there is another body…

This is the first in a new series of mysteries about Wilson of the Yard, who gets to investigate crimes in three different museums. He also gets a love interest in the shape of Abigail, a possible rival in her affection and a reluctant ally of sorts with Drabble. The author has written nearly a hundred books, TV and radio scripts particularly for children and teenagers, many of them thrillers. With this backlist I expected a tauter, pacier read with plenty of action but the pace is leisurely and any action is all fairly low key. The result is a cozy tale with a frisson of romance; enjoyable fare with the added bonus of being set somewhere a bit different. Daniel and Abigail make an engaging pair of sleuths and it will be interesting to see what happens in the other two museums. A relaxing read for autumn evenings.


Reviewed 2018