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Murder in Bloomsbury
Atlas Catesby Mystery #2
BY D M Quincy

Crooked Lane
February 13, 2018/ ISBN 978-1-68331-465-3
Historical Mystery

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Atlas Catesby is an aristocratic adventurer who has recently returned home. He'd spent months trying to forget Lady Roselyn Lilliana Sterling, but then he is summoned to her brother the Duke of Somerville's library and she appears seeking his help with solving a murder. The victim is Gordon Davis, who is the brother of her maid, Tacy.

With a rich periodic atmosphere and a well-constructed mystery, Quincy has written an addictive Regency mystery that is populated with interesting and complex characters. I was intrigued by the twists and turns as clue after clue was presented. Yet I didn't solve the murder until nearly at the end of the book.

Although this is the second in the series, it is fine as a stand-alone read. Highly recommended to lovers of historical mysteries and to avid romance readers as well.

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