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Murder in the Bowery
Gaslight Mystery #20
BY Victoria Thompson

April 3, 2018/ ISBN 978-1101987131
Genre Mystery / Historical / Deaf Character: Frank Malloy's son

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Will Bert approaches Frank Malloy, asking for assistance in locating his missing brother, Freddie. Will explains that he and his brother Freddie were orphans who lived on New York streets, selling newspapers for survival. They were taken in by the Children’s Aid Society and became part of the Orphan Train to be adopted by families in Minnesota. Will ended up owning a business years later, while Freddie disappeared. Now Will wants to include his brother in his newfound wealth.

Gino Donatelli, Frank’s associate, was with Frank’s wife Sarah inspecting a house she wanted to convert into a home for unwed mothers. During that visit, Gino spotted several newsboys on strike. When Frank informs Gino of their new case, he remembers the boys and searches locations where the newsboys congregate. Meanwhile Frank checks out the Children’s Aid Society and discovers that the Society has no record of the two boys. Was Will Bert telling the truth?

Estelle Longacre, a young socialite, kept company with a dangerous crowd and is found dead in the Bowery. Shortly thereafter, Freddie’s body is found and Frank suspects the two deaths are connected, but finding proof is another matter. Along the way, Frank makes some startling discoveries.

Sarah and her children’s nanny, Maeve, get involved in the case and the search for clues. The suspenseful plot held me captive and, as usual, Gino and Maeve are captivating secondary characters who added depth to this entrancing, fast-paced novel.

What I enjoyed most from this novel, however, is the expert way Victoria Thompson weaves the history of Victorian New York magically throughout this captivating mystery. All in all, Murder in the Bowery is an exciting addition to the series, and one not to be missed.

Reviewer Note: Deaf son of Frank Malloy. Edgar® Nominated author Victoria Thompson also writes the Counterfeit Lady Series set in early twentieth century New York City.

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