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Murder Lies Waiting
Rose McQuinn Mysteries – Book IX

Alanna Knight

Allison and Busby
18 January 2018/ ISBN 9780749022099

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde

Rose’s husband, Jack, and their daughter, Meg, are off to his parents’ golden wedding anniversary party, but Rose has to stay behind for a court appearance. Recovering from a cold, she feels like a break, and when housekeeper Sadie suggests they go on vacation to her native Bute, it sounds like a great idea. Sadie has connections to the owner of a luxury hotel, and as Jack says, nothing ever happens on Bute. But something did happen twenty years earlier, and Rose is going to find out that old sins cast some very long shadows.

To say what Rose discovers when she arrives in Bute would spoil the story, but expect some surprise revelations. This is a slow burner but a page turner, as Rose detects an old case with some new additions and slowly but surely things start to happen. Don’t expect a lot of action as it isn’t present. Instead, relax and enjoy the author’s tangible descriptions of Bute in 1906 and the unfolding story. If you haven’t read the earlier books you will have missed a lot that underpins this book; no book in any series can truly be called a standalone. At this stage, with the large number of Inspector Faro and Rose McQuinn novels in existence, a lot of the enjoyment will be in seeing what the characters are up to, and how it all fits in with what has gone before. If you are a fan of this long-running series I can recommend this latest addition.

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