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Past Due For Murder
Blue Ridge Library #3
BY Victoria Gilbert

Crooked Lane
February 12, 2019/ ISBN

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds

Library director Amy Webber has been through a lot. But it’s spring now and the mayor has brought back the May Day celebration to boost tourism. Amy’s helping with a research project on local folklore.

Yet when a local college student disappears and Amy’s significant other, Richard Muir, is suspect, her happiness comes crashing down around her ears. Although the student is found, there’s a corpse nearby and things take a turn for the worse. The dead woman is Mona Raymond, who is a folklorist and lecturer from Clarion University.

Having put her own life on the line in the past to solve murders, Amy is going to use her research skills and dive right in to get to the truth.

There are many webs of lies woven and red herrings popping up often. I find this to be a most enjoyable read, and I particularly enjoy how the history of the area and its people contribute to the modern day mysteries in this series.

While I found that I had to keep turning back pages to keep track of some of the new characters and how they fit it, I was pleased to discover more about the usual cast of characters in the series and how their relationships were progressing, as well as how past relationships were affecting current ones.

Readers who enjoy a splash of the local history of the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as current events, will find this an interesting read, and I can envision it as a good selection for a local book club. I look forward to the next book and highly recommend you read not only this one, but the two before it.

Crooked Lane Books continues to do a wonderful job of keeping cozy authors published. The genre seemed to be fading fast over the past few years. If you enjoy their books, let them know at Tell them I sent you.

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