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Private #14
BY James Patterson, Rees Jones
Read by Colin Mace

Grand Central Publishing
June 12, 2018/ ISBN 1549116746
International Mystery & Crime / Audiobook – Audio CD, Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks 

Jack Morgan owns Private Investigations, a worldwide detective agency for the rich & famous as well as government agencies. The former US Marine heads once again to London and the Royal family. Princess Caroline has a case for Jack; he hopes it’s not a repeat of his last visit (Private: Royals). The Princess is looking for her friend, Sophie Edwards. Jack gets the impression there’s more to this case than a missing person. Once the princess gives Jack full discloser, he meets up with the head of Private London, Peter Knight. Peter is investigating the suicide of a wealthy man, so Jack teams up with Jeremy Hooligan and later Jane Cook. Jack and Jane have a history. The investigation and the action take off after the three agents move to a safe place. Someone is trying to trip up the case. The team suffers a loss and Jack decides to hunt the killer down. The current case, as well as the dead agent, leads to intense cat-and-mouse scenes as well as high-flying, nonstop action which eventually leaves Jack literally clinging for his life.

As always Patterson’s signature short chapters keep the storyline moving. It’s a complex storyline that includes hardcore action and a high fatality rate, but the authors wisely save the best for last. British actor Colin Mace narrates the audio version. It’s a suspenseful narration designed to drive audiophiles to the edge of their seats. Mace also narrates Heist, a BookShot collaboration also by Patterson and Jones.

Rees Jones co-wrote two previous Bookshot stories with Patterson, Royals and Heist.

Private: Royals - series
Heist - nonseries

Reviewed 2018