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Red Alert
NYPD Red #5
BY James Patterson, Marshall Karp
Read by Edoardo Ballerini

Little, Brown & Company
March 26, 2018/ ISBN 1478938854
Thriller / Detective / Audiobook- Unabridged

Reviewed by  Brenda Weeaks

Red Alert is number five in the NYPD Red series starring Detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie (ka-lee) MacDonald. The two have an intimate past and a trust another. They’re part of the NYPD Red taskforce that handles cases involving the rich and famous as well as powerful politicians, mobsters, etc - you get the idea. In this storyline, the team is referred to as the “FatCat Squad.”

Narrator Edoardo Ballerini lures listeners in to a scene of sex and murder, he then shifts to Detectives Jordan and MacDonald just before an explosion at the Silver Bullet banquet. The mayor was speaking and luckily she chose them for her security detail. The detectives get her to safety and make the banquet bombing a priority. The two need to find out if the bomb was meant for the mayor or the rich guests. The detectives are then called to the scene of a murdered movie producer known for her deviant lifestyle.

The murder leads them to a cameraman, a judge, and a therapist. They discover a prisoner may have information about the type of bomb used, so they quick flight to Thailand. Kylie turns it into a flight of jesting and temptation as she plays the tease. Will they find the answers in Thailand? Will Zach stay loyal to his girlfriend? Was the bombing meant for the mayor? Will the murdered producer's death receive an impartial investigation despite her depraved lifestyle? It's a complex, intriguing listen.

NYPD Alert is well written. The storyline is well-balanced with suspense and humor. The authors throw in enough twists and turns to keeps us entertained.
Edoardo Ballerini delivers a remarkable narration as he shifts from the emotional mix of wit, fear, anxiety, anger, determination, etc. He also energizes Kyle (ka-lee) and Zach’s friendship and partnership.

Fair Warning: The Red Series is mature-themed. The storylines are generally X-rated, violent and never dull. Remember your earbuds.

Actor Edoardo Ballerini narrated the last four in the series, as well. He has the main characters down pat. He also narrates Patterson’s Truth or Die, Black Book and Instinct (previously published as Murder Games).

Marshall Karp co-wrote the first four Red novels in series. He’s also busy with his own Detective series, Lomax and Biggs.

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