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Shelved Under Murder
Blue Ridge Library #2
BY Victoria Gilbert

Crooked Lane
July 10, 2018/ ISBN 978-1-68331-595-7

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Library director Amy Webber has a lot going on this October in Taylorsford, Virginia. In addition to her usual work at the library, she is also tasked with running a yard sale fundraiser. There is the annual Heritage Festival going on and that brings in a lot of tourists and the yard sale will be an added attraction.

Amy, her beau Richard, and her assistant Sunny go to the LeBlanc farm to pick up paintings that local artist, Rachel LeBlanc has agreed to donate to the fundraiser. Alas, Rachel has been murdered, killed with her own pallet knife, and once again, Amy and Richard find themselves involved in a murder investigation. A second murder complicates things further as the deceased seemed to be a likely suspect in Rachel's killing.

With law enforcement's encouragement, Amy puts her background in art history research to work in the hopes of uncovering clues. This leads to the discovery that Amy's late uncle was involved in an elaborate forgery scheme decades before, and Amy's beloved Aunt Lydia is devastated.

With likable and engaging characters and a charming small town setting, this easy to read and intriguing mystery should be on any cozy mystery lovers summer reading list. It is appropriate for teens on up, and while you don't need to have read the first installment, it would help the reader to understand the dynamics of the town and its inhabitants. I will be looking forward to the third book which is due out in February 2019.

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