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To Catch a Witch
Wishcraft Mystery #8
BY Heather Blake

Crooked Lane
August 7, 2018/ ISBN 978-1-68331-708-1

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Author Heather Blake once again delights readers with a new installment in the Wishcraft Mystery series, featuring protagonist Darcy Merriweather.

Darcy runs a personal concierge company and is hired to provide a variety of services. Abby Stillwell has hired her to organize and run the Wicked Mad Dash, an annual competitive run that takes place in the Enchanted Village, where most of the population is some sort of Crafter or other. There are enough varieties of Crafters to keep things very interesting, to say the least!

Abby is murdered on the day of the race, and given her previous experience in solving murders in the Enchanted Village, Darcy puts her sleuthing skills to good use in order to track down the guilty party. As the story unfolds things become more complicated and confusing and it's difficult to figure out who did what, when and why. There are real relationships, relationships that are a ruse to cover other relationships, a likely embezzlement plot, and allegations of an athlete using performance enhancers.

A touch of magic may be just what is needed to get to the truth, but is it enough to protect Darcy and her family and friends from the evil that is lurking in the heart of a killer?

A true cozy with the addition of some good magic serves to make this latest Wishcraft Mystery a must-read this summer. It is suitable for ages teen on up, and will likely stir the reader to read all of the previous books in the series while Ms. Blake is busy (hopefully!) writing the next installment.

I absolutely adore this series and I think you will, too!

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Reviewers Note: The author also writes the Magic Potion Mysteries

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